Atlas Copco Face drilling rigs

Boomer WE3 C

Equipped with COP 3038 rock drills

Three boom hydraulic tunnelling rig with wide reach boom console, an advanced Rig Control System, COP 3038 rock drills and heavy-duty BUT 45 booms for superior productivity.

Standard features

Rock drill
  • High-frequency COP 3038 rock drills with dual-damping • system for optimal consumable life
  • Pressurized housing and mating surfaces to reduce internal • contamination of the rock drill
Hydraulic boom
  • BUT 45 heavy-duty booms for direct, fast and accurate posi• tioning between holes
  • Double rotation unit for ±190 degrees feed roll-over and ±135 • degrees feed rotation
Hydraulic feed
  • BMH 6900-series heavy-duty aluminium feed with high
    • bending and torsional resistance for maximum durability
  • Snap-on stainless steel sleeves and polymer contacts
Control system
  • Advanced Rig Control System (RCS) allowing several levels • of automation to suit customer requirements
  • Standard functions include soft collaring and the anti-jam• ming function Rotation Pressure Controlled Feed (RPCF)
  • Integrated diagnostic and event logging system to assist in • equipment maintenance
  • Interactive operator panel with full-colour display
  • Sturdy carrier with all-wheel drive
  • Powered by a 6-cylinder, EPA III/COM III (Tier 3/Stage IIIA)• approved diesel engine
  • Four jacks for stable set-up
  • FOPS-approved cabin
  • Hydraulically driven water booster pump
  • Hydraulically driven compressor
  • Cable reel
  • Working lights


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