Obtained CE certification (No. 95120-CE)

2007. 03

Exports Super Wedge to EU

2006. 12

Exports Super Wedge to Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia

2004. 05

Registered patent of Super Wedge for dedicated tunneling machine (No.0345120)

2004. 04

First urban tunneling project was completed by Super Wedge (Tunnel length: 1,050m)

2004. 03

Rewarded from Korea Construction Experts Association at Busan Metropolitan City (No.2004-5)

2002. 06

Registered as New Excellent Technology ‘Super Wedge’ of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (No.336)

2002. 01

Registered construction standard scheme of Korea Construction Institution

2001. 04

Registered a patent of Super Wedge for outdoor (No.0293478

2000. 10

Completed development of Super Wedge bracket, Participated Korea construction device & machine exhibition (COEX KOREA 2000)

1999. 11

Registered design patent of wedge and count-wedge of Super Wedge breaking parts (No. 0251442 & 0251443)

1996. 07

Registered patent of no vibration rock breaking machine (No.098399)
BAEK YANG ENG established.

1991. 02

BAEK YANG ENG established. ‘Super Wedge’ development started