Horizontal & Slope Rock Breaking

Horizontal & Slope Rock Breaking(TSW-1100)

TSW-1100 has specialized bracket to easily insert breaking parts (count-wedges and wedge) into horizontal drilling holes to break rock. Regardless of drilling hole position and angle, this bracket device is developed to quickly insert breaking parts into drilling holes.

Generally, many types of equipment are needed for tunnel construction. Excavator included TSW-1100 can be quickly exchanged to normal bucket attachment or impact breaker attachment after finishing rock breaking process which is big advantage of TSW-1100.

Tunnel Construction Process

1. Free-face making

2. Drilling

3. Breaking

4. Rock gathering & hauling

5. Ground supporter and Rock-bolt

6. Shotcrete

Free-face making

Pre Large Hole Boring Method(over 360mm)

Pre Large Hole Boring Method(over 360mm)








 Safety of Tunnel Construction

It is very dangerous to use small rock-splitters with manpower for tunneling because workers must have to close to tunnel face. So workers may face accidents from tunnel collapse and falling rock.

However Super Wedge is very safe methods that there are no workers in safety zone(6~8m) in front of tunnel face excepting one operator.

 Super Wedge Construction Process

Step 1 : Drilling hole for free-face

Step 2 : Observation tunnel face and determining rock type

Step 3 : Drilling

Step 4 : Breaking using Super Wedge

Step 5 : Hauling and Scaling

Step 6 : Breaking using Super Wedge

Step 7 : Hauling and Scaling

Step 8 : Scaling tunnel face

Step 9 : Ground support(Steel beam) and shotcrete

Step 10 : Fore Poling and Rock-bolt

 Drilling Pattern
Front view
Side view (A-A)
Free-face enlargement holes detail drawing
Introductory Remarks
 Drilling Holes specification
Area Types Numbers of drilling hole Diameter of drilling hole Length of drilling hole Length of tunnel advance
Top heading
Free-face 1 over Φ360mm Total Length of drilling hole Total Length of drilling hole
Free-face enlargement holes 30 Φ76mm 1.4m 1.0m
Horizontal drilling holes 176 Φ76mm 1.4m 1.0m
Slope drilling holes 159 Φ76mm 1.4m 1.0m
Total 365
Bottom Bench
Horizontal drilling holes 82 Φ76mm 1.4m 1.0m
Slope drilling holes 87 Φ76mm 1.4m 1.0m
Total 169
  • Free-face hole is large drilling hole over 360mm
  • Super Wedge holes are diameter 76mm as standard drilling pattern
  • Standard drilling pattern follows the results of test rock breaking
  • Minimize vibration and noise when impact breaker is needed for tunnel face scaling
  • Tunneling Process is ‘Drilling-Breaking-Hauling-Scaling-Ground support’