Rock Excavation Methods

Classification of Rock Excavation Construction Methods
Vibration ExcavationMethods Explosives Blasting Method
Pyrotechnic(Chemical) Blasting Method
Impact Breaker Method
No VibrationExcavation Methods Mechanical Construction Method : Super Wedge
Manpower method : DARDA, Small hydraulic Rock Splitter
Chemical feeding method : Expansion chemical materials (BRAISTAR etc.)
Introduction of Construction Method

Super Wedge Method is mechanical method that includes exclusive rock breaking machine to excavator instead of using manpower and such as small hydraulic rock splitter. No assistant is needed for this breaking process from using remote control directly by excavator driver. Also there is no need for secondary breaking process using impact breaker. Super Wedge can carry out continuous breaking works by drilling, breaking and hauling procedures.

Principle of Construction Method

Super Wedge Method is based on Lami theory. Hydraulic vertical power(p) is converted into horizontal power (R). And angle of wedge makes 10~20 times horizontal power comparing to vertical power. This power exceeds tensile force and shearing force of rock and then rock was broken.

Characteristic of Construction Method
  • No vibration and No noise when break rock.
  • Vertical drilling maximize drilling operation effectiveness.
  • Volume of operation is steady and vast from remote operation using as an excavator.
  • No need secondary breaking with impact breaker because rock removing is possible using excavator bucket after first breaking using Super Wedge.
  • Great safety from mechanical operation.
  • Only few manpower need.
  • Rock breaking operation is possible regardless weather condition.
  • Drilling, breaking and hauling process is operating continuously and it increase working volumes.
  • Great safety at tunnel construction with assuring safety distance.
Application Effects on Construction Method

Using conventional blasting method makes a lot of possibilities receiving civil complaints from vibration, noise and dust and safety issues to near buildings, human beings, cattle and sensitive machine can be occurred. Silence breaking technology is requiring on rock breaking skill to prevent vibration, noise and dust. Particularly, due to civil complaints, Super-Wedge construction methods is the only solution for urban ground excavation, road expansion, subway and high speed train projects in city areas where conventional blasting methods cannot be used.

Range of Construction Method

Open Cut & Ground Excavation Project

Tunnel Project

Shaft sinking project

Concrete Breaking Project

Trench Excavation project